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Samaritan’s Purse is a ministry that collects and packs shoebox gifts filled with toys, school supplies, and hygiene items for children around the world.  Since 1993 more than 198 million children in more than 170 countries and territories have received an Operation Christmas Child shoebox.  The project delivers not only the joy of what, for many kids, is their first gift ever, but also gives them a tangible expression of God’s love.

May Valley Church has been packing shoeboxes for 8+ years both individually and as a Church.  Every year we host a large packing party where the shoeboxes are filled with precious gifts.  This is made possible through donations from our church family as well as our community.  In 2015 we packed 53 shoeboxes, in 2021 we packed 426 and our goal this year was to pack 500 shoeboxes and we packed 540!  So exciting to see how God has increased the number of children blessed, each year!

Ages for either boy or girl are:

2-4 years old

5-9 years old

10-14 years old

Below is a link to Smaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child website:

How you can help:

Donations for supplies or shipping:

You can support Operation Christmas Child by writing a check made out to May Valley Church, (write OCC in the memo line)
You can also donate online, (write OCC in the memo line).
  Donate Online

Funds will be used to purchase supplies or pay for postage.         








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