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Women's Ministry

"Better Together"
Ephesians 4:11-16


Come join our Women’s Ministry fellowship to begin to draw closer together and explore what you can do to serve in our church, our community, and our families.  We believe we are “Better Together“and want to give opportunities to serve and to grow deeper in God’s word and purpose he has for each of our lives.  We are choosing to walk resolutely and willing to allow God to use us as conduits for his purpose daily.  

We have our May Valley Community Craft event each month.  Check our calendar on the link to the What's Happening Page. We will be welcoming our neighbors, family and friends to join us to make and create crafts together.  

​​​​​Seasonal activities cover the following topics: 

  • Women-encourage fellowship and equipping them for deeper walk with the Lord

  • Church involvement-to grow and work together 

  • Community outreach-to show the Love of Jesus Christ 

  • Missions- to contribute to the needs of our missionaries

 For current events click

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